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There are a vast number of spiritual resources to help you come to know God's love through His Son, Jesus Christ, and to grow as His child. Following are a few that may be of help to you.

  • For some interactive lessons that will enhance your walk with God, go here.
  • A site that will provide you with an assurance of salvation, teach you how to experience God's love and forgiveness and much more can be found here.
  • To learn about how to live under the direction of God's Holy Spirit, go here.
  • A number of spiritual growth resources are here.
  • If you would like to begin receiving newsletters or other information to help you grow in your new life, look at the selections here.
  • If you are in business for yourself, you might find these articles helpful.
  • And, to help you begin to grasp just how much God loves you and the scope of His plan for you, go here.





Or, if you have questions about beginning a relationship with God and want to talk to someone...



  If you have come to faith in Jesus Christ, I would love to hear about it. You can email me at rejoice@GodsLoveLetter.com.



Love Letter photo used with permission of Rian Houston